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New Administrative Capital

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Venia Compound


The compound contains residential units characterized by sophistication and unique architectural designs, and the prices of the Vienna Capital Compound are very suitable and distinctive, so do not miss the opportunity to seize this great opportunity.


The compound is located in the seventh district, R7, specifically in plot D4, and it also has a direct view of some streets that are up to 60 meters wide, in addition to its privileged location that made it close to the most important vital areas in the Administrative Capital.

Project designs

The compound was built on a high level of sophistication and luxury, and the Vinia project extends over an area of 40 acres. The engineering consultant for the project is the Scientific Center for Design and Construction, which is supervised by Dr. Hammad Abdullah Hammad, in addition to the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces that is supervising the implementation.

For its part, the company has sought to provide landscapes and greenery within the compound, because it is the most important element within the cities at the present time, due to the great importance it plays in human life, as he escapes to it from the pressures of life, in order to obtain comfort, recreation and enjoy the landscape, Therefore, green spaces and landscapes occupy 20% of the total area, while the construction buildings amount to 80%.

The Spaces

Because the company responsible for Venia New Capital believes in the philosophy of a comfortable home that brings comfort and tranquility, it has sought, on its part, to provide large spaces within the units, so that the residents can enjoy their lives freely and comfortably. The units are also provided with different spaces to satisfy different tastes, so the space of the units begins In the Compound Vinia Administrative Capital from 124 meters up to 224 meters.

The Price

The price per meter in Vinia Compound starts from 9,500 pounds per meter, which is a very special price in the units of the seventh district

Installment systems

The reservation system in the Compound Vinia Administrative Capital starts with paying 10% and the rest in installments over 8 years.

Facilities and Services

▪️Vinia Administrative Capital provides security and guarding services, in order to provide an element of safety and reassurance among the residents inside the compound.

▪️Venia New Capital has walking and running lanes, so that residents can easily perform this important sport.

▪️The compound contains a sports club, which includes various sports, from which the residents choose what they like to practice.

▪️There is a gym and spa, in order to provide places for practicing sports of all kinds.

▪️The project includes a social club, which includes waiting areas, banquet halls and meeting rooms, for all social activities.

▪️The project includes reading spaces, which extend over an area of ​​2 acres, to help reading lovers develop their skills.

▪️Vinia Compound contains restaurants, cafes, and a mini market, so that the residents can spend enjoyable times and do their shopping easily.

▪️Venia New Capital includes a garage in various areas under the buildings, so that residents can park their cars.

▪️There are entertainment areas for children, so that families can spend enjoyable times with their children inside the compound.

▪️The compound has swimming pools of the highest level of efficiency and readiness, to practice swimming with ease.

▪️Vinia Compound includes cleaning and maintenance services throughout the day, seven days a week.


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