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Your chalet in front of the sea in La Sirena North Coast – a distinctive coastal resort in which you will enjoy nature and a healthy and calm atmosphere in front of the sea, and there you will find chalets for sale designed in the latest models, with a charming view and modern designs, all this is in addition to the competitive prices of La Sirena North Coast and the multiple installment systems, which we will talk about in detail .


There are no longer any obstacles to spending your vacation in front of the sea in the village of La Sirena on the North Coast, which is distinguished by its location near all the main roads and vital places. Wherever you want to go, enjoy your holiday with your family and friends with happiness.

The village of La Sirena is about an hour’s drive from the Administrative Capital and Cairo.
La Sirena project is a short distance from Alexandria.
La sirena North coast is 45 minutes away from New Alamein City.
La Sirena North Coast project is close to a large hospital, school and shops.

Project designs

Enjoy an enchanting turquoise sea on a sandy beach at La Sirena Resort, North Coast. When you enter the village, you will not think of anything but the harmony of the charming nature with the colors of the designs of the entire village, and a wonderful view that broadcasts psychological peace and tranquility within oneself, from crystal lakes in front of which you enjoy your time, and large green spaces All these advantages you will enjoy when you buy La Sirena North Coast units, directly in front of the sea.

Elegance and sophistication are the characteristics of the La Sirena project. The strategic location of the village in front of the sea helped a lot in adding all the aesthetic touches, in addition to the perfect interior divisions that allowed for a wide variety of units while maintaining privacy. La Sirena also took care of providing all the basic and recreational needs within the village to become a complete community.

The Spaces

La Sirena Company wanted to charm you with the distinction and modernity of its project; It implemented its project on a huge area that accommodates the diversity of the areas of its different units from the rest of the North Coast projects, while providing the greatest amount of privacy with a sufficient distance between the units and some of them, as well as providing all services and basic and recreational facilities alike, taking into account that the largest area of the project has been allocated For services and vast green spaces.

The Price

La Sirena Group did not leave you the burden of thinking about owning a summer residence; Where it provided many different spaces that suit all its customers, whether lovers of owning small units of one room, or lovers of large units, provided La Sirena chalets consisting of 4 rooms, along with competitive prices commensurate with its large and distinctive project in front of the sea. as follows:

Own a chalet with one room and a bathroom at a price starting from 970,000 EGP only.

You can own two rooms and two bathrooms from La Sirena chalets available for sale at a price starting from 2,035,000 EGP.

A chalet with three rooms and two bathrooms at a price starting from 2,125,000 EGP.

Own your own chalet consisting of 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms, with a price starting from 3,145,000 EGP.

Installment systems

The various reservation and installment systems for buying La Sirena chalets on the North Coast came within the reach of everyone to start enjoying their vacation as soon as possible, as you will pay the unit price in installments at the lowest price for the first down payment, and the longest payment period and without interest, without complicated plans like other North Coast villages along with huge discounts. La Sirena Chalets installment systems are as follows:

  • Book your chalet for sale with a 10% down payment and the rest for 6 years.
  • With a 10% down payment, you will own your summer unit, then 5% after a year, and pay the rest of the unit price over 7 years.
  • Own La Sirena Chalets with a down payment of 15%, then 5% after a year, and another 5% after two years, then pay the rest in installments over 8 years.
  • 20% down payment for La Sirena North Coast, then 5% after two years, and the rest over 8 years, and enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Pay 25% down payment on your unit, and the rest over 6 years without interest, with a 20% discount.
  • You can book La Sirena Chalets on the North Coast with a 25% down payment, pay the rest of the unit price over 4 years, and enjoy a 30% discount.
  • Handover after a year and a half, two or three years, according to the unit after contracting.

Facilities and Services

During the implementation of the Village Lasirena North Coast project, La Sirena Company was keen to provide an integrated community for all the owners of its chalets. It provided all recreational facilities and various services that meet their daily and recreational needs in the village with the latest international specifications, and some of these services include:

▪️La Sirena North Coast has impressive green spaces, crystal lakes, and water parks to provide the best view of all chalets.

▪️You will enjoy the water adventures in the village because of the best water games and the highest safety.

▪️You will relax in the private beach club of La Serena North Coast, morning and evening, in an international atmosphere.

▪️There are many swimming pools within the La Sirena project for adults and children.

▪️Your children will be delighted with the Aqua Park of La Sirena North Coast.

▪️Relax and enjoy the holiday in the spa and Jacuzzi equipped with the latest equipment.

▪️Within Village Lasirena North Coast, you will find your daily needs, from shops and commercial units.

▪️La Sirena Village is equipped with the latest security means and multiple surveillance cameras for the safety of everyone throughout the day.


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